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Project Report on Standard Chartered Bank

Question: Compose theProject Report on Standard Chartered Bank. Answer: Presentation Situational Analysis alludes to the investigation of both the large scale and miniaturized scale ecological variables influencing the working of organizations. SWOT investigation and the examination of the contenders are a piece of situational examination of the organization (Richard, Wilson and Gilligan, 2012). It comprises of different strategies additionally which investigations the outside and inward condition elements of the organization. It is imperative to do the examination as this will help in the underlying phases of the organization just as for the assessment at customary spans. The present report will examine about the foundation of Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore its rivals and SWOT investigation of the association. Foundation of the Organization The association for the present report is Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore however it was found in London, UK. It offers its types of assistance overall likewise it has its significant incomes are produced from Africa, Middle East and Asia (Standard Chartered, 2017a). It is an open constrained organization in Banking and Financial Services bargains in items and administrations like buyer banking, Visas, contract credits, riches the executives, corporate, private and speculation banking. Presently, the organization is working in 17 branches with 7,000 representatives in Singapore and with 1200 branches with 87,000 representatives around the world. The situating of the organization in the psyches of the customers is very acceptable as they are presented to a large number of their discount banking items and administrations (Standard Chartered, 2010b). The incomes of the organization were 11,079,000, 15,929,000, 17,060,000 and 17,301,000 for the money related years 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 separately. The money related circumstance of the organization is delineated based on the all out incomes which are diminishing in the course of the most recent three years (Yahoo Finance, 2017). The circulation system of the organization is broad and wide as they have their branches and for expanding their span for which they have converged with partner banks as this will upgrade the conveyance and go about as some assistance deeply branches. Contender Analysis Banking industry is loaded with players nowadays also; the opposition is turning out to be serious step by step. Singapore is a tremendous developing business sector for banking and money related administrations with neighborhood and worldwide players. The major direct contenders are different worldwide and household banks which offer pretty much similar items and administrations to its clients. They are DBS, OCBC, BNP Paribas, Citibank and HSBC and so on. Circuitous contenders are the private moneylenders, little installment banks, other corporate social orders which offer credits and advances to individuals. Installment banks are those which acknowledge and make installments. The organization remains in an economical situation in contrast with its rivals on account of its selective proposals for their cardholders money back advancement for Uber and others (Standard Chartered, 2017d). SWOT Analysis Qualities Shortcomings Solid brand name Enhanced portfolio Broad conveyance First mover advantage Putting resources into CSR exercises Declining of monetary forms against US dollars. Less piece of the overall industry in India and China Absence of upper hand Similarly less mechanical progressions Failure to encourage development because of various leveled and inflexible authoritative structure Openings Dangers Investigating creating economies Acquisitions and mergers Concentrate on underserved markets Opportunities to expand in other aggregate organizations Geographic fixation Serious rivalry Developing digital wrongdoing Government arrangements of various nations Developing private nearby banks Free exit and section Clarification of table Qualities The above table shows the inner investigation and outside examination of Standard Chartered Bank for example the qualities and shortcomings, openings and dangers individually. The quality of the organization is its solid notoriety in the financial business and one of the major remote banks in Singapore. It is additionally managing in broadened portfolio as it is offering different items and administrations to its clients. The organization likewise appreciates the principal mover advantage as it is one of most established banks. The organization is a believed brand as the organization puts intensely in the corporate social mindful exercises like youngsters eye care in China, advancing microfinance in Indonesia, utilizing LED lights, and money related training to youth in Zambia, supporting and empowering young ladies in Bangladesh and so on. In this manner; every one of these exercises have made the brand increasingly well known and eminent (Standard Chartered, 2015c). Shortcomings The shortcoming of the organization is that the decrease in the money against the US dollars which prompts the effect on the budgetary development of the nation and friends. It has a drawn out effect which influences the swelling and the financing costs. The companys another significant shortcoming is that the organization is having less offer in business sectors like India and China as they can be gigantic business center points for the organization. They are additionally not ready to make up with the steady mechanical headways and furthermore there is less of advancement in light of the fact that the organization follows a similar sort of various leveled authoritative structure. Openings The open doors for the organization are that they ought to investigate the developing economies which can be acceptable wellsprings of incomes to the organization. What's more, the organization ought to likewise go for mergers and acquisitions with the little undertakings or banks which will assist the organization with expanding by using the assets of the littler business. Likewise, the organization can investigate the underserved markets of various nations provincial and immature zones so as to extend its client base. There are additionally alternatives for the organization to differentiate in various territories which are inconsequential to the financial business it very well may be putting into social exercises which will produce incomes for the organization. Dangers The danger to the organization is the merciless rivalry that is winning in the financial business. The expansion in the digital wrongdoing exercises can prompt a major misfortunes to the organization regarding cash and just as the client databases. Private neighborhood banks are improving and altering their administrations to pull in clients which can prevent the development of the remote banks. The financial business is additionally a free section and exit and is inclined to defenseless rivalry. Another danger is the shifted and unbending strategies of legislatures of various nations. End Based on the above report it very well may be presumed that the Standard Chartered Bank is maintaining a decent situation in Singapore in contrast with other outside players. It is likewise said that in view of a solid authentic brand picture the organization despite everything figures out how to support its personality. Aside from this, the organization ought to likewise concentrate on its extension in other developing markets which as this will improve its worldwide nearness. Other than this the organization should concentrate on the rigid strategies made by the administrations of various nations. This will empower them to abuse the chances of the business sectors of that specific nation. References Richard M.S. Wilson and Gilligan, C., 2012. (ed., third). Vital Marketing Management. Routledge. Standard Chartered., 2010b. Position explanations. Seen 14 February 2017. From review09/en/sustainable_finance/position_statements.html. Standard Chartered., 2015c. Yearly Report 2015. Seen 17 February 2017. From report/2015/. Standard Chartered., 2017a. Diagram. Seen 14 February 2017. From Standard Chartered., 2017d. seen 17 February 2017 from Yippee Finance., 2017. Standard Chartered PLC (STAN.L). seen 14 February 2017. From

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I’M Not Her by Janet Gurtler Isu with Summary

I’m Not Her by Janet Gurtler Written by Jordyn Leavens The epic that I am perusing is â€Å"I’m Not Her† by Janet Gurtler. It is about the battles a little youngster, named Tess, experiences when she discovers that her sister, Kristina, was determined to have malignant growth. Tess has consistently been admiring her more established sister, since her sister was consistently the focal point of the group, energetic, excellent one and Tess was consistently the keen, un-famous one. It was in every case hard on Tess, so when her sister was determined to have malignant growth, she felt as though she could at long last be known.All of Kristina’s companions begun become friends with Tess, presently that her sister wasn’t at school. In spite of the fact that Tess cherished the notoriety, she had a great deal of difficulty as well. Not many individuals were getting some information about the entire disease circumstance yet there was one individual who was con sistently there for her. His name was Clark. In the wake of talking a long time with him, Tess started to need to be all the more then companions with him. In any case, Tess likewise realized that she must be there for her sister and didn’t have the opportunity to have a genuine love life by then in time.Then Tess met a kid from school named Jeremy. Jeremy really likes Kristina, but on the other hand is currently old buddies with Tess. Tess was asking why he would consistently discuss Kristina, and afterward he at long last educated her that he generally spends time with her at the medical clinic when he is visiting his mom, who likewise has malignant growth. My underlying reaction once I read the main third of the book was that I am truly going to appreciate it. I believed that since it has an extremely solid plot which makes it exceptionally fascinating for me to read.I like how the writer comes to the heart of the matter, yet at the same time makes you consider what is hap pening in the novel. Something else that made me figure it will be a decent book is that it is practical so I can identify with what’s occurring and truly comprehend the things going on. A couple of things that I truly like about this novel that I truly like are that the writer composes with a great deal of significance and it causes you to feel what’s going on much better, the characters have a ton of character and there is a ton happening.One thing I didn’t truly like about the book is that you sort of get lost with the entirety of the companions of Kristina’s conversing with Tess constantly. Something else I disdain about the novel is that it’s binding artistic gadgets, which makes it somewhat simple to peruse. Albeit a few pieces of this novel are somewhat confounding or aren’t the best, it is as yet a great book up until now and I’m truly getting a charge out of it. I truly like the entirety of the characters in this book since t hey are largely so extraordinary and they all have their own personality.If I needed to pick one that I preferred best, I would need to state Kristina is my top choice. I like her the best since she is a solid adolescent. It must be extremely hard to experience everything she’s experienced, and I’m sure there is still much more things that she will wind up experiencing. On the off chance that she didn’t have Tess as a sister, there to help and solace her, I’m sure she would be in a totally different spot, since her folks aren’t being excessively steady, realizing that she is making some hard memories with this all.In end, I think this is a truly elegantly composed book and I am overly eager to keep perusing the remainder of the book. It never gets exhausting and consistently has something going on. I have an inclination that I can’t put the book down when I’m perusing on the grounds that toward the finish of pretty much every part, th e writer would leave you with a cliffhanger, which I like a ton. Up until now, this is an extraordinary book and I would prescribe to anybody to understand it.

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Essay Topics About Pollution - It Is So Important To Focus On Pollution

Essay Topics About Pollution - It Is So Important To Focus On PollutionIn today's world, it is so important to focus on pollution that we ought to look for topics about pollution to write the essays. Most of us are not very familiar with the hazards that can be brought to us by the presence of pollutants. So, here are some topics about pollution for you to concentrate on.Pollution is simply defined as a chemical, biological or physical substance that harms or harm the living beings by generating ill health or disease. This may have a lot of adverse effects but that's all they are - adverse effects. The hazardous substances can cause more serious sickness than the benign ones. So, we should learn how to identify harmful and safe pollutants that can potentially harm our health in the future.These days, it is very easy to identify the different types of pollutants by using the system of air, water and soil testing. It's just a matter of learning to recognize a difference between the two types of tests and thus being able to discern which of the three types of tests should be used to test our homes or offices.Today, the study of plants and animals as well as humans has become much more interesting since we've been offered the opportunity to study different kinds of plants and animals. However, the studies of plants and animals have also included studying different kinds of humans. This way, we've learned a lot about the harmful effects of pollution on our environment. The human being is definitely the most sensitive species of all and therefore he is one of the most vulnerable.Nowadays, many people are waking up and it's because of pollution that they're waking up. They're waking up because of their concern about the climate change and pollution. These two issues can be really tricky to figure out. So, many of us have been looking for essay topics about pollution for a while now.There are many different essay topics about pollution that you can choose from. The onl y problem is that you'll need to try out different things first before you will get the essay topics that you want. It might take quite a long time but you will eventually get the right essay topics about pollution that you want.However, if you're willing to learn at a very slow pace, you can certainly improve your knowledge faster by getting the essays online that contain tips about writing and analyzing essays. You will find a lot of essays online that will help you analyze and write essays.

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Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 335 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/04/07 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Domestic Violence Essay Did you like this example? Introduction In 2017, 90% of the 1,873 domestic violence programs in the United States contributed to a survey conducted by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). In this particular survey, NNEDV collected data over a 24-hour period from the participating organizations on September 17th of that year, compiling together the number and types of calls they received. The study found that over 72,000 victims in the United States were served in a single day (NNEDV, 2017). Coupled with this information is the fact that in a study verified by the United States Humane Society, upwards of 71% of domestic violence victims stated that their abuser lashed out at pets as well (The Humane Society, 2017). Considering that animal cruelty and domestic violence are pressing issues that are often intertwined with one another, there are a few observable links that exist between the two. Some of these links include having the MAOA gene, childhood trauma, heightened levels of testosterone, and societal pressures (I.e. toxic masculinity). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence" essay for you Create order In this paper, these links will be analyzed, and their likelihood as being potential indicators for physical violence will be determined. Given the fact that so many cases of domestic violence and animal cruelty go unreported every year, Link #1: MAOA-L The MAOA gene, colloquially referred to as the Warrior gene, is responsible for breaking down neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is responsible for motor-function and releasing feel-good chemicals, while serotonin plays a role in regulating mood, sleep, and emotions. In individuals that have the low-activity variant of the MAOA gene, heightened aggression and impulsiveness have been observed (Cohen, 2018). This is due to the fact that the low-activity variant of the MAOA gene does not break down dopamine and serotonin as efficiently as it should. This inefficiency results in the neurotransmitters not being broken as quickly, resulting in irregularities in dopamine and serotonin levels that lead to the previously stated symptoms. That is not to say that everyone with the low-activity variant of the MAOA gene is prone to committing acts of violence, however.

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Okonkwo Great Man, Tragic Hero - 981 Words

Ugonna Onyeukwu Period 4 January 15, 2013 Okonkwo: A Great Man, Tragic Hero A tragic hero is a archetype who fails to overcome or surpass his/her conflict. The book â€Å"Things Fall Apart† included a tragic hero. The book was written by the name of Chinua Achebe. The tragic hero in the book was Okonkwo, a warrior from a village called Umuofia. Chinua Achebe wrote the book with the purpose of showing how someone with high esteem can fall from greatness so dramatically because of that person’s actions. Okonkwo exhibited hubris, had a tragic flaw, and fell from a position of greatness. These were the things that showed that he was tragic hero. An important aspect of a tragic hero is their exhibition of hubris (a Greek term,†¦show more content†¦If he were to be in his village during that time maybe he could have protected his village from their control. There is another instance when Okonkwo’s fall from greatness is seen. During Okonkwo’s early his was shown to be a very strong man, both physically and mentally. Because of this he was known throughout all the villages as a great warrior in wars. This is also seen when he beats the wrestler â€Å"The Cat†, was previously unbeaten in a wrestling match (page 39). But because of his penultimate showing of his tragic flaw (uncontrollable rage), he is forced to kill himself to avoid punishment (page 207), which is the opposite of being strong mentally. These examples reveal his fall from greatness. A tragic hero is an archetype who fails to overcome or surpass his/her conflict. I think we see tragic heroes in literature because of what they can teach readers. The tragic hero of â€Å"Things Fall Apart†, Okonkwo exhibited hubris, had a tragic flaw, and fell from a position of greatness, all aspects of a tragic hero. From the points and explanations that were given earlier in this essay, it has been proven that Okonkwo is in fact a tragic hero. This topic is important because it can happen to anyone with some type of power and esteem. It cou ld be beneficial to think about tragic heroes because it could lead to the change of actions of well known and respected people because would gain a fear of a fall from greatness like whatShow MoreRelatedThe Tragic Hero Of Chinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1453 Words   |  6 PagesIs a tragic hero really that tragic? A tragic hero is a person who is a character that makes the wrong decisions which cause the character destruction. The definition of a tragic hero is terrible because of how a hero ends up being in a downfall. According to Aristotle, a tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness. The character must have high status position, but must also have nobility and virtue. In the book, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo, the great warrior whoRead MoreThings Fall Apart- Achebe1000 Words   |  4 PagesFall Apart, Okonkwo is a tragic hero. Aristotle’s Poetics defines a Tragic Hero as a good man of high status who displays a tragic flaw (â€Å" hamartia†) and experiences a dramatic reversal (â€Å"peripeteia†), as well as an intense moment of recognition (â€Å"anagnorisis†). Okonkwo is a leader and hardworking member of the Igbo community of Umuofia whose tragic flaw is his great fear of weakness and failure. Okonkwo’s fall from grace in the Igbo community and eventual suicide, makes Okonkwo a tragic hero by Aristotle’sRead MoreEssay on No Tragic Hero in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart892 Words   |  4 PagesNo Tragic Hero in Things Fall Apart   Ã‚  Ã‚   According to Aristotle a tragedy is a drama...which recounts an important and casually related series of events in the life of a person of significance, such events culminating in an unhappy catastrophe, the whole treated with great dignity and seriousness. The novel Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe begins as a story about the life of a man named Okonkwo. It recounts the events beginning with his childhood and ending with his deathRead MoreThings Fall Apart875 Words   |  4 PagesOkonkwo is a tragic hero in Things Fall Apart Question ( 2 ): Discuss Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe s â€Å"Things Fall Apart† is a tragic hero. Answer: In Chinua Achebe’s novel â€Å"Things Fall Apart† Okonkwo is a tragic hero. Aristotle’s Poetics defines a Tragic Hero as a good man of high status who displays a tragic flaw ‘hamartia’ and experiences a dramatic reversal ‘peripeteia’, as well as an intense moment of recognition ‘anagnorisis’. Okonkwo is a leader and hardworking member of the Igbo communityRead MoreOkonkwo Tragic Hero Analysis821 Words   |  4 PagesAlexander the Great was also the mind behind the concept of tragic hero. A tragic hero, he depicts, is a hero who falls from affluence to calamity. This fall must be caused not by ill luck but at the fault of the tragic hero himself. To be considered a tragic hero aristotle had specific criteria. Goodness, being the first. A tragic hero must have good morals and their actions should follow suit. Appropriateness, the character must fit into the role they play in society. Lifelike, the tragic hero must be Read MoreIs Okonkwo A Tragic Hero709 Words   |  3 PagesAristotle says a tragic hero is someone who makes a decision that inadvertently brings an end to their life. In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe the main character Okonkwo is considered a tragic hero, he faces all his challenges with great Courage and Pride. But all of his challenges he brought upon himself because of his tragic flaw, which is his hatred for his father Unoka. Unoka was a lazy drunk with no titles, this hatred drove Okonkwo to become a very good man. He became one of the greatestRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Okonkwo831 Words   |  4 PagesOkonkwo: Tragic Hero According to, a tragic hero is â€Å"a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for downfall, suffering, or defeat.† In the book, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the main character Okonkwo struggles with the fear of being like his father. Okonkwo also has a hard time dealing with the Christian missionaries and the British colonialism influencing his clan. Okonkwo is a tragic hero because of his fatal judgment errors and outside forces buildingRead MoreThings fall Apart and Okonkwo; A Classic Greek Tragedy and Tragic Hero1112 Words   |  5 Pagesand Okonkwo; A Classic Greek Tragedy and Tragic Hero Both the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, and its main character Okonkwo closely adhere to the definitions of a classic Greek tragedy and a typical tragic hero. First of all, Okonkwo is a tragic hero by the Greek definition. While Okonkwo wasn’t born to a nobleman or king (as the definition of a tragic hero states), he was a man of high status and respect in his community, as Obierika stated near the end of the book. â€Å"That man wasRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Things Fall Apart 1283 Words   |  6 PagesMacbeth and Okonkwo What comes to mind when you hear the word hero? You may think of superheroes, a significant figure in your life or anyone else who generally brings greatness about the world. A tragic hero on the other hand is a character who has a flaw that eventually helps aid to their downfall as a tragic hero. In the novel Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe and Macbeth written by Shakespeare, we meet two prime examples of tragic heros. The elements of a tragic hero include hamartiaRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1314 Words   |  6 PagesChinua Achebe masterpiece â€Å"Things Fall Apart† (1959) is the classic story of Okonkwo, a young man who strives to be revered by his village and family but because of his own internal character flaws meets his own demise. In the Igbo culture, family traditions are an important narrative throughout the novel. Okonkwo, the protagonist character of this story, begins with many attributes of what would be concluded as a hero with hi s cultural society. He is hard working, a material provider, feared and

Letter of Gratitude-Free-Samples for

Question: Write a letter of appreciation of gratitude to the benefactor for awarding you with the donation and confirmation of your acceptance of the donation. Asnwer: To, Benefactor Residential College Date: Subject: A letter of appreciation of gratitude Name of the donation: Residential College. Dear Benefactor, I would like to express my sincere thanks and am happy to accept the donation. These residential colleges offer me a new type of campus living, where I can live and learn together with my peers and professors. The residential colleges combine both the vibrancy of campus living and discipline programs for studies. These facilities help in maintaining an extraordinary curriculum in the studies. All the informative meetings are done in the seminar rooms providing a large space to accommodate a huge number of students. In addition to it, several opportunities are excelling in the campus of the university that provides different learning activities to the students. These learning activities include games and extra curriculum activities. This helps in maintaining a learning atmosphere in the residential colleges. I am keenly interested in the disc using my academic plans including a proper practical approach to the architectural frameworks. I want to follow a proper approach towards learning different techniques of designing and reconstructing designs by own. There are many scopes in the college regarding the immature condition of the society and provide knowledge to them. This opportunity has helped me in meeting with new people in the society and gaining the practical knowledge by improving my communication skills. I have enhanced my communication skills during these days and communicate with different people in the society. This scholarship has helped me financially and provided an opportunity to fulfil my dreams. I am properly utilizing the scholarship in my studies that is helping me in scoring good marks and gaining proper knowledge of my field. I am looking for gathering practical knowledge of my field to get the practical idea of the theories that I would learn in my college. My goal is become a good architect, construct, and design new designs for buildings and complexes. I want to plan new designs that help in providing quality life style to people in the society. Residential College will provide many opportunities to me including attending seminars, meeting with seniors and gathering knowledge about various fields. The outlook of the residential colleges has helped in meeting with new people in the society and share the knowledge with them. The cultural and social activities in the university proclaimed about different sections of society around. In the end, the university will promote the growth of enduring sections of the society towards their aim and create a strong bond among the students. The photos and personal data including examination results will be disclosed with the benefactor under the university. The examination results ensure the condition of my studies in the university and personal data helps in acknowledging about the residential colleges. This donation has provided me with an opportunity to discover myself in many ways and clearing my views regarding my future. I am grateful to you for this esteemed scholarship to complete my studies. I am encouraged and focused towards my aim and goals of my life. Thanking You Regards (Please fill)